La La Land (2016) – 4/5

Director Damien Chazelle, brings us a story that is not a masterpiece nor original in any way. It is in fact, following the same old, but perfect Hollywood formula, almost to point of sucking up to it. But if this movie is so painfully repetitive, how does Damien Chazelle manages to take our senses and […]

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The Nice Guys (2016) – 4/5

With an old school but unique kind of humor, The Nice Guys is a refreshing detective comedy/drama with a lovable and talented cast. The world has seen this kind of movie before, a 70’s movie, where down-to-earth humor, an intelligent script, and realistic sets are used in the absence of overwhelming effects and recycled material. […]

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The Big Short (2015) – 4.5/5

Director Adam McKay manages to turn a complicated topic into a brilliant, appealing and witty finance lesson, and successfully disguises a sad, frightening, but true story as a comedy-drama film. With a superb cast, unique editing, and an engaging screenplay, The Big Short will not fail to disappoint audiences. If there is something easy to spot in […]

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