Dr. Strange (2016) – 4.5/5

As someone who does not read comics, Dr. Strange came as quite a nice surprise. Having no idea what his personality, superpowers, or story was, I stepped into the theater. I came out mind-blown, with nothing but admiration and amazement for perfect mixture of special effects, script, and cinematography I had just experienced. I did not […]

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The Little Prince (2015) – 5/5

Not only is the approach director Mark Osborne took in making The Little Prince incredibly clever, but he also managed to instigate the very same emotion as its print. There was not a perfect way to transfer this timeless story as it was written to the big screen, it might have been too abstract and confusing. […]

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Spotlight (2015) -5/5

Only greatness can expected from a movie with a brilliant cast, and indeed, from beginning to end, Spotlight was nothing less. However, Spotlight is not just a movie with a great cast, it is a movie with a great story. Based on a true story, Spotlight is a team of four journalists, played by Mark Ruffalo, […]

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