Don’t Think Twice (2016) – 4/5

Don’t Think Twice gives us a personal glimpse at the wonderful but heartbreaking truth many comedians have to face on a day to day basis. Director and screenwriter Mike Birbiglia delivers an original story that feels sincere, along with a charming cast that captures the audience from beginning to end. The film may not be […]

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From Dusk Until Dawn (1996) – 2/5

Have you ever seen a film that starts out quite good, and then somehow, everything goes straight to shit? That is From Dusk Till Dawn in a nutshell. Being quite the Quentin Tarantino enthusiast, I hate to admit I was disappointed on this film. It is strange how one can identify the exact moment when everything starts […]

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Suicide Squad (2016) – 3.5/5

Suicide Squad is not a horrible film, but it is definitely not at the level people thought it would be. There is a problem with films being over-promoted through countless trailers and photos. Nothing is new anymore and they almost always show the best scenes in the previews. The expectations for Suicide Squad were just […]

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The Little Prince (2015) – 5/5

Not only is the approach director Mark Osborne took in making The Little Prince incredibly clever, but he also managed to instigate the very same emotion as its print. There was not a perfect way to transfer this timeless story as it was written to the big screen, it might have been too abstract and confusing. […]

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Swiss Army Man (2016) – 4/5

As someone who despises fart jokes, it is quite difficult to admit Swiss Army Man kept me in trance for an hour and a half. There something strange and completely unique about this film. It is definitely something you have never seen before. Swiss Army Man starts out morbidly, grossly, and painfully slow but it […]

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Ghostbusters (2016) – 3.5/5

If you claim to be a Ghostbusters fan and utterly hate this remake, you are not a true fan. Why? Because you have failed to see this is more than just a remake, it is a tribute. While Ghostbusters (2016) does not beat the cleverness, storytelling, or uniqueness of the first film, the new Ghostbusters […]

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