Hate Rising (2016) – 4.5/5

-“You don’t believe that everyone is equal?”
-“No, no. White people are so much higher than any other race.”
-“Excuse me?”
-“White is so much higher than any other race.”
-“How can you say that? Based on what?”
-“I just said it. That’s how I can say it.”
-“Yeah but based on what?”
-“Based on God. We’re God’s people.”
-“See, that’s racism. Precisely what racism…”
-“That’s not racism, that’s fact.”

Apparently, that is the United States we live in. An eye-opening documentary, Hate Rising is a 50 minute collection of interviews and video footage of racist extremist groups in the United States. Jorge Ramos, one of the most distinguished and influential reporters in Spanish-speaking America, presents a very intimate, yet frightening view of underground white supremacy groups, something that before this election, many of us thought was long gone.

Directing: Catherine Tambini
Cinematography: Matt Porwoll
Editing: David Dawkins, Phillip Schopper
Music: Gary Lionelli

Jorge Ramos traveled across the U.S. speaking to groups such as the Aryan National Alliance, the Ku Klux Klan, White Lives Matter and other white supremacist organizations, and listened to their hate speeches, filmed their protests, and interviewed them in a professional and respectful manner.. Although that last one was not always reciprocated. Furthermore, he also interviewed multiple victims of hate crimes, that were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hate Rising makes a strong connection between president-elect Donald J. Trump and these white supremacy groups. Captivating moments such as the time Jorge Ramos got thrown out of a press room for asking a question Trump refused to answer, the bigotry language constantly used in these groups, and the support these groups provide to Donald Trump are a true matter of concern in the present election. This election did not divided the country. The United States was already divided, this election just publicized how divided it really is.

Jorge Ramos manages to get his point accross in 50 minutes and creates a staggering documentary that focuses on the section of the population that, contrary to what the constitution says, believe that all men are not created equal. We all knew the sentiment was there, but this documentary gives you an inside look of how strong this sentiment really is. And it is quite a scary view.

Learn more about the documentary here:  Rotten Tomatoes | Fusion


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