Trumpland (2016) – 4/5

Contrary to what many may believe, this is not your typical Michael Moore film. Trumpland does not spell out every single reason why American voters should not vote for Trump, but why they should vote for and trust Hillary Clinton. At this point in the election, and with Clinton’s reputation, Trumpland is nothing less than brilliant content wise and time wise.

Directing: Michael Moore
Cinematography: Jim Zunt
Editing: Doug Abel

Trumpland starts out giving us what we all want, a few laughs at the often ridiculousness of Trump’s supporters. But then, we arrive at the Murphy Theater in Wilmington, Ohio where Michael Moore presents a one-person show to a mixture of supporters and non-supporters. And just like the audience in the film, we are just spectators.

Whether you are a Michael Moore fan or not, you should adopt a certain mindset before going into the theater. This is not a documentary, there are no supported facts, there are no numbers, and there is no other opinion than that of Michael Moore’s. Unless you are a 100% Clinton supporter, this  documentary is bound to affect your image of Clinton in a positive way.

Michael Moore knows the real problem in this election. It’s not that there are too many people voting for Trump, but that there are still many people undecided of whether they should vote for Clinton or not. Michael Moore knows what is tipping the balance between Trump and Clinton in these elections, and this is his way of addressing the issue.

The title may be misleading and for many, myself included, this may not be what we paid to see. But if you wait around to the end, you will realize the true purpose of this movie and even admire the cleverness and straightforwardness of it. All in all, Michael’s Moore new film, is hastily made and fact-less, but that does not make it any less good.

Learn more about the film here: Rotten Tomatoes


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