The Truman Show (1998) – 5/5

The Truman Show has it all. It is a combination of an impeccable screenplay, gorgeous characterization, and a breathtaking story. All leading to an epic ending. And no, this is not an exaggeration. The Truman Show will keep you at the edge of your seat.. even after the movie has ended.

Truman is the star of the most popular show in the planet: The Truman Show. The only thing is, he is not aware of it. Born into a huge television set and watched by thousands of cameras, people across the globe have seen his every move, live, from the moment he was born. However, lately he has been wondering about the rest of the world and about the whereabouts of his true love. With his whole world against him, this naive celebrity is now searching for the truth and a way to leave everything he knows.

The Truman Show would never have worked without Jim Carrey. He shows us a side of him never seen before this movie. We knew about his playful, sarcastic, and hilarious personality from films such as The Mask and Ace Ventura. But until this film we can see that he can act without the help of jokes and props. The film is so personal that it is impossible to cheat it. Director Peter Weir creates a perfect world for our protagonist and brings an incredible cast that adds charm and meaning to the film.

The story is deep, unique, and thought-provoking. There is some truthfulness to this reality show. The protagonist is sincere, but everything around him is fake. The events at every point in his life, his thoughts, his fears, everything has been modified and carefully managed at some point. Carefully taken care of. We may not be inside a big stage controlled by a TV producer, but who’s to say today’s society is not being controlled by media in the same exact way?

As the film reaches a conclusion, Truman leaves us and the audience with his famous catchphrase. The viewers, after a tiny spark of excitement, seem to wake up from a trance and change the channel to something other than a blank screen. That is it, off to another program. The similitude to reality is scary, but it also makes this movie quite extraordinary.


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