The Secret Life of Pets (2016) – 3.5/5

The Secret Life of Pets is based on a simple idea, yet extremely attractive. What do our pets do when left alone? It is a fun and enticing idea that could have had amazing results. That is, if it had not been overly-promoted and badly executed. Once again, trailers gave away what could have been a surprisingly charming film and the writers populated it with countless unresolved plot lines.

The movie is a fun experience and if you have a pet you can identify with it. It is amusing to see how they got all the pets’ personalities right. This is the enjoyable part. And while some of the characterization is off, most of the voice actors, especially Jenny slate, Louis C.K. and Lake Bell, do an amazing job. The main premise of the movie was fascinating and the beginning hinted for a plot with potential. That is until we get through halfway through the movie, where new adventures and problems arise, some are resolved, others are not.We are rushed to an unsatisfying conclusion that leaves us wondering about the point of this movie. *Spoilers ahead* In fact, one of the main questions, a certain romance between two dogs, never gets resolved. The story begins well, but they try to add too much on it unsuccessfully.

The Secret Life of Pets is composed of original characters and beautiful animation, but in this day and age, this is not enough. Animated movies need more than to be attractive and colorful. To be considered great, they need to have a story. A good story. The Secret Life of Pets starts out well, but the quality in the writing declines rapidly after that. Nevertheless, it is a charming film that is sure to entertain, regardless of what age you have.

Learn more about the film here: Rotten Tomatoes


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