From Dusk Until Dawn (1996) – 2/5

Have you ever seen a film that starts out quite good, and then somehow, everything goes straight to shit? That is From Dusk Till Dawn in a nutshell. Being quite the Quentin Tarantino enthusiast, I hate to admit I was disappointed on this film. It is strange how one can identify the exact moment when everything starts crumbling down. Almost as if one movie was ending and another starting. Even more depressing is the fact that a promising plot ends up as nothing more than a tasteless and thoughtless ‘horror’ movie. Not that fear was felt at any point throughout this film.

The films starts out nicely with a combination of Tarantino’s detailed, descriptive, and witty dialogue and Director Robert Rodriguez’s ability to turn a small budget into a surprisingly decent movie. It is not a secret the Quentin Tarantino is a much better writer and director than an actor; this is obvious in all his films. In this film, George Clooney’s presence makes Tarantino’s acting seems even worse than it actually is. But this is not the only problem.

[Spoilers ahead] There is an exact moment were the film gives us a monumental surprise. The movie we were watching is not there anymore. This is not a movie about robbers, but a movie about vampires. Fake blood everywhere, ridiculous battles, and finally, a confusing conclusion. This might have been the whole point of the movie, but it turns into a joke. I guess I am just not a fan of vampire comedy… If the second half can even be called comedy.

Learn more about this film here: Rotten Tomatoes


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