Suicide Squad (2016) – 3.5/5

Suicide Squad is not a horrible film, but it is definitely not at the level people thought it would be. There is a problem with films being over-promoted through countless trailers and photos. Nothing is new anymore and they almost always show the best scenes in the previews. The expectations for Suicide Squad were just too high and though it was a decent movie, Suicide Squad did not meet those expectations.

It was already a challenge creating a screenplay that introduced numerous new villains, and a much greater challenge to have a substantial plot. As a result, the movie tries unsuccessfully to include too much in a short amount of time. The whole point of the story is lost from the moment we learn the antagonist’s purpose, which turns out to be not only meaningless, but also uncalled for.

The introduction of each Suicide Squad member was good enough for a movie of this length, but cheesy. The whole feel and design of the movie posters is still unconvincing. The colorful and funky design looks cheap and tasteless. It is as if someone wanted a mix of dark and playful, and there just wasn’t enough time to brainstorm. Anyhow, the characterizations were surprisingly good. It was incredibly fun to watch how each member of the cast immersed themselves into their characters. The movie however, was driven by none other than Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad did a fairly good job at providing each character with enough screen time, but Harley Quinn took most of it. This is completely understandable. Margot Robbie did an amazing job at portraying the craziness inside of Quinn’s mind. Another great portrayal is Will Smith’s Deadshot, who leads the movie along with Quinn. Besides these two however, there is not a lot of explanation or story going on for the other characters. We are provided with just their basic background to have an idea of what is going on.

There is not much to say about the special effects or the soundtrack. Special effects were quite poor. Everything related to the final showdown was a joke. Scenes including Enchantress had a very embarrassing Ghostbusters feel to it. The music, unrelated at some points, was composed of at most four good songs in the mix. The comedy incorporated in this movie was almost perfect, though. It looks like DC Comics is starting to get the hang of what Marvel has already mastered.

Suicide Squad was one of the most awaited movies of this summer. Its record-breaking revenues shows it. While the characters are lovable and promising, DC Comics failed in introducing too many at once. Only Margot Robbie and Will Smith knew how to manage an incoherent plot that seems desperate to win the superhero race. While we are seeing a slow improvement in DC Comics movies, in the Marvel vs. DC contest, we still have a clear winner.

Learn more about this movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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