Swiss Army Man (2016) – 4/5

As someone who despises fart jokes, it is quite difficult to admit Swiss Army Man kept me in trance for an hour and a half. There something strange and completely unique about this film. It is definitely something you have never seen before. Swiss Army Man starts out morbidly, grossly, and painfully slow but it builds up to a magnificent, beautiful, and abstract story that will help you find inspiration in the strangest of places throughout the film.

Let us start by mentioning that directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert manage to create an enjoyable movie out of a disgustingly, brainless joke. It is also a miracle that the story works and makes us reflect strongly on dark and depressing topics such as loneliness and death. It is truly remarkable that this movie manages to be a movie at all.

However, besides the amazing direction and captivating cinematography, much of the credit has to be given to Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano. Both of them are amazing in this film. This incredible duo deliver a spectacular performance, which did not seemed possible for Radcliffe due to his previous films. For Radcliffe, Swiss Army Man is a turning point in his career. I can assure you we will be seeing him soon in better, more captivating appearances.

Swiss Army Man is a unique film with a unique vision. The whole movie is a metaphor of aspects in life people do not feel comfortable mentioning. And I love that. I love how the film gives you a feeling of happiness, inspiration, and hope in the midst of an uncomfortable or morbid scene. The contrast of emotions this film takes you through is beautiful. With the help of an open-mind and some patience to take you through what seems like utter nonsense, Swiss Army Man will prove worth your time at the end and hopefully, a whole new experience.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes



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