The Do Over (2016) – 1.5/5

Nothing good can be expected from Adam Sandler’s films. The bar has been set so low that it is truly hard to pick the worst of his cinematography; this film however, lowers that bar even more. The Do Over is nothing outstanding, much less new, and the plot seems to have been written by a hundred different people that simply stapled their pages together at the end of their very first day. It is a ridiculous, brain-dead chaos.

With the exception of a few jokes that inspire nothing more than a smirk, The Do Over gets dumber and more idiotic with every minute. The plot, two old high school friends who fake their deaths in order to have a less pathetic life the second time around, is nothing but a jumble of scenes that are supposed to fall somewhere between the action and comedy genres. There is of course, a romantic and sentimental touch at the end because we have to pretend the movie has some meaning to it, right? It does not.

The acting is just as bad. Adam Sandler is as always, horrible, and David Spade doesn’t fall far behind. There is a serious career choice to reconsider when your movie ends with a guy hitting a woman in the stomach multiple times because it’s funny. Again, it is not. Hopefully, this marks the end to Adam Sandler’s dreadful contract with Netflix and the unbearable movies they’ve created so far.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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