Superstar (1999) – 2/5

Superstar tries extremely hard to provoke multiple laughs from its audience by using the dumbest and most typical Saturday Night Live jokes.. After an hour and twenty minutes, it still does not work. The film drags on from the very beginning, inspiring a few laughs initially, but becoming distasteful, repetitive, and simply unbearable throughout the end.

Try filling a movie with a weak, unintelligent plot, reference the same sketch as often as possible and there you have it: Superstar. It really is worse than it sounds. The combination of Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell should have produced something great, but this is difficult when the film relies heavily on Shannon’s character, ignoring everything else. The poor script, lack of direction, and almost nonexistent comedy they have to deal with is sad. If there is a SNL movie that does not work, it’s this one.

Learn more about this movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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