THE BFG (2016) – 4.5/5

You know a movie will be successful when Steven Spielberg is involved in some way. The BFG is not only a magical story, but an achievement in special effects and live-action animation. Director Spielberg has once again left us with a surprisingly beautiful adaptation and probably one of the best animated movies so far this year.

The BFG does not only thrives in special effects, but has also assembled the most talented and perfect cast. Mark Rylance adds personality to the fascinating character the Big Friendly Giant already is, and carries out the charming and amusing screenplay in a way that will truly steal your heart. Few things have been said about young new actress Ruby Barnhill, which is unbelievable. For her age, her performance of the smart, brave, and sincere child that meets the BFG is nothing less than extraordinary.

While there is a lot to admire and good things to be said about the BFG, it is not the best of Spielberg’s or Disney’s long cinematography. However, there is something truly amazing and magical about this film, and that is that while the story is simple at its core, it turns into something fascinating and manages to win you over thanks to its amazing performances and breathtaking visuals.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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