Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) – 1.5/5

Not even the try-hard gorgeous visuals could save Alice Through the Looking Glass from throwing up all over the beautiful premise of Alice in Wonderland, the whole idea of an adapted screenplay (because obviously this isn’t one), and its not amazing, but certainly better, prequel.

Director James Bobin, who seems to direct this movie (not sure if you could call this direction), completely ignores the original story and recruits the talented Linda Woolverton to come up with an original screenplay. The result however, is quite disastrous. Similarly to Pirates of the Caribbean, at some point Disney decided to make everything about Johnny Depp.. again. And honestly, this is not the problem. The problem is there is not magic, no story, no heart, and basically, no Disney anywhere in the film. The story just sucks.

First, the story is rushed. They start with a huge idea, bringing too many things together and trying extremely hard to make the characters relate to each other, all so we could go back to the Mad Hatter’s family troubles. It becomes overwhelming to the writers, because it is too long and too much, and we are able to see this. Scenes that deserved more time are drastically short, taking away some of the meaning and importance of the story.

The visual effects were good, but not as good as expected. They looked fake at times, as in you can see Alice is running on a treadmill with a green screen behind her kind of fake. The music was often unrelated to what was happening, and did a very poor job to immerse you into the movie. There is not much to say about the acting. It is not bad, but it is also nothing remarkable. There is not a lot you can do with such a poor script such as this one, and it shows.

Alice Through the Looking Glass seems to be a project to get any extra money off this franchise. It is sad to see such a wonderful, colorful, and magical story be torn to shreds like this. While the colors and effects might make it entertaining to the children’s eye, the story is pointless and unbalanced. Here is to hoping the sequels for this disaster stop with this one, and a worthy reboot comes along soon rather than later.

[Spoiler’s Ahead]
A few more bonus rants because I almost got up and left the theater:

1. Guess what! The Mad Hatter’s family is not dead, even though it was clearly shown in the prequel that they were.
2. Also, the Queen of Hearts somehow manages to have a boyfriend called Time in another weird dimension where no one should be able to get to, just so she could be blamed for everything again. Gotta use the original characters, right?
3. Also, let’s just skip important scenes such looking for the Mad Hatter’s family inside an abandoned castle because that’s boring. One second later.. found you guys!
5. Alice almost kills the Hatter because she didn’t believe him. Aw. I do believe in your family, I do, I do (Peter Pan much?).
4. Apparently the Queen of Hearts has been taking people’s heads because her sister hadn’t apologized to her. Talk about taking things too seriously.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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