Leap Year (2010) – 2/5

I enjoy a good romantic comedy, but honestly, I am not a fan of the genre. Leap Year is everything a romantic comedy should be: cheesy, sweet, and downright dull, tedious, and predictable. The film will leave you wondering if there is any way you can make up for that hour and a half you just lost.

The cliched plot is not even the biggest problem, it is a combination of an empty script, the conclusion, and what causes the ‘conflict’. It is ridiculous to think a woman is so desperate to marry a man, that she will follow a tradition by a culture she does not even follow in order to do this. The tradition being that woman can propose to men on leap year, and the man has to say yes. Come on. I can safely say I was irritated fifteen minutes into the movie. If there is anything to be praised about this film, is the always enchanting acting of Amy Adams. Her appearance along with Adam Scott’s performance, create a believable chemistry throughout the movie that is again and again, ruined by the bare plot.

Leap Year is an example of the typical romantic comedy that tries a little too hard to hide the lack of plot and script, with good acting and gorgeous scenarios. No one is doubting the beauty of Ireland, or the always amazing performance of Amy Adams who shouldn’t be getting involved in this kind of blasphemy. But I am doubting everything else in this movie..along with my decision to watch it in the first place.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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