Midnight Special (2016) – 4/5

Midnight Special delivers everything you can expect from a sci-fi movie.. That is, if you are okay with open-ended conclusions and incomplete stories. However, the gorgeous visuals, suspenseful plot and wonderful performances, will allow you to appreciate and see the potential in this film.

Director Jeff Nichols brings to the big screen everything you can expect from a Steven Spielberg movie. The plot: a man protecting his son as they flee from the government, after discovering that the boy has unique abilities. We have seen plots similar to this before, so the story’s idea is not original, but it seems to be since it is so well done.

The visual effects are beautifully balanced, even at the very end, when we are overwhelmed by the creativity and imagination that went into creating the world with which we are presented. The cast is just terrific. Jeff Nichols in particular gives emotion (sometimes lack of) and direction to the film, along with Kirsten Dunst tremendous appearance. And most importantly, the cinematography of the film by Adam Stone adds a unique, suspenseful, and almost creepy feel to the film, making it even more nerve-wrecking than it already is.

The story begins with too many mysteries and questions, and we are hardly ever given any answers. But somehow, the plot, slowly but surely makes up for it. Nevertheless, it is difficult to enjoy a movie that leaves you this empty. Midnight Special is definitely original and very well executed, but in the end it is hard to not be bothered by the absence of explanations.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes



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