Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – 3.5/5

Batman V. Superman manages to bring out the general story of the comics in the midst of underdeveloped characters and poor editing. The first questionable choice is not the cast, but the director. Zach Snyder is known for bringing to the big screen movies loaded with special effects, and from my perspective, his movies seem to be in a hurry to transition to the action scenes. This just does not work with superheroes. There is too much background, an interesting story anxious to be told, and connections to be made. The potential of the movie is obvious, but out of reach due to the chaotic order, narration, and editing of the film.

Like many superhero fans, I first questioned the Batman V. Superman battle. Seriously? Batman, a rich man, against Superman, a God. It seemed ridiculous. And after watching this movie, it still is. The second question was the casting decision of Ben Affleck as Batman. I did not had a problem with that, but I knew he would never be better than Christian Bale. I was right. However, not so much because of the acting, but because the characterization. In short, Ben Affleck got a poor role and script.

Starting with his hipster 55-year old Alfred who suddenly knows how to code and fix the most complicated pieces of technology, and ending with Batman’s irrational anger that clouded anything intelligent there was to be said or done, the character of Batman was simply ripped apart. Not to mention the very beginning where young Batman is elevated in a God-like manner by bats. Ridiculously cheesy. We did not see the usual Batman that outsmarts anyone and fixes anything, but this obsessive rich man who has serious anger issues and doesn’t show much sign of having anything above an average IQ.

Not only was one of the main characters in the movie destroyed, but we were not provided with much background information to understand the whole movie. Comic fans might disagree, but common movie watchers like me could not ever possibly understand all of the excessive dreams and hallucinations throughout the movie. However, I was not completely oblivious to these, and I will accept it was a good attempt to foreshadowing the upcoming movies. A good attempt, badly executed.

The movie was saved by the gorgeous cinematography, which was constantly ruined by cutting of scenes and horrible editing, Ben Affleck’s acting, which was not bad in any way, and Gal Gadot’s epic appearance of Wonder Woman towards the end. I also have to mention Jesse Eisenberg’s amazing portrayal of an obsessively, almost demented Lex Luthor, which was something completely new to me and quite refreshing. However, the epic 15 minutes at the end of the movie, some of the acting, and the cinematography were just not enough to make up for the whole two hours and a half.

Batman v. Superman was the first attempt to creating anything close to Marvel’s superhero movies, which have been a tremendous success, thanks to their pacing, attention to detail, and picking the right stories for each superhero. DC Comics, on the other hand, likes to skip key details and rush through scenes, while trying to make up for it with overwhelming special effects and unnecessary action. Batman V. Superman is without doubt, a movie above anyone’s expectations, but it is still not enough to beat the reigning Marvel franchise.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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