Brooklyn (2015) – 3.5/5

It is difficult to create a brilliant love story; everything has been done already. Such is the case of Brooklyn. However, while Brooklyn’s story is overall, your typical cliche love story, it stands out due to its brilliant screenplay, inspiring costume and set design, and terrific acting.

It is not often I enjoy a love story. Brooklyn’s key ingredient, actress Saoirse Ronan, did it for me. Ronan immerses into her character, an intelligent young girl from Ireland new to Brooklyn, in the most sincere and touching way. It is primarily this, that helps director John Crowley turn such a dull and straightforward story, into a charming and easily pleasant film. Brooklyn is an undeniable good film, but not a great one. Nonetheless, with great performances across the board, a little hint of comedy, and an entertaining screenplay, this is one enjoyable love story.

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4 thoughts on “Brooklyn (2015) – 3.5/5

  1. I hate when people tell me to go back and watch something again. It’s so condescending so I say without any condescension whatsoever (really!) to wait and then go watch it again. It is a great movie and avoids the gooey, cheesy, silly pitfalls a lot of other romance movies while remaining sincere. And it’s about so much more than romance, too. Bonus.
    The bones of the story may be familiar and unoriginal but its what was smartly done with that base that makes it a standout and probably an instant classic. I hope if you ever view it again you like it more.


    1. No worries! I am open to all views and ideas. You are right, it was very well done, and that is something I don’t deny. I like going back and watching movies again, it does change your point of view sometimes. So, I might see it in a few weeks and add an update to this, or write another post. Who knows! I might love it! Thanks for stopping by:)


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