Amy (2015) – 3.5/5

While Amy is composed of substantial videos, interviews, and photos that revolve around the young singer and songwriter, it is a one-sided account. As it often happens with many documentaries, the director portrays Amy as only a victim of fame, while failing to admit that Amy Winehouse’s demise was a result of nothing more than her own actions.

The documentary starts out brilliantly. It is quite amazing that there was so much video footage available even from an early stage in Amy’s life, giving us a more personal look into how she developed as an artist. The editing of footage and scenes is easy to follow. As someone who knew nothing about Amy, I feel like I started to know the person in the film, I even started to like her. Which made it even more heartbreaking when the drugs started.

If there is something remarkable about this documentary is how it makes you love Amy. By taking you through each stage of her life, though each failure and success, the documentary makes you think you actually know this person. But alongside comes the biggest failure of it all: This point of view never changes. The documentary becomes a compilation of interviews about how fame destroyed her, about how fans wanted her to sing songs she didn’t want to sing, about how rehab failed when she went back on tour. Director Asif Kapadia failed to make her responsible for any of her actions, portraying her as only a victim.

While the research and media collections that went into making this film are outstanding, Amy succeeds only as a recollection of Amy Winehouse’s life events, but fails to be an unbiased biographical documentary.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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