Bridge of Spies (2015) – 4/5

We often see movies narrating important events in United States’ history, however, seldom you see an unbiased one. Steven Spielberg managed to direct a Cold War movie about the U-2 spy plane incident and bridge of spies in the most objective way, embellished in Hollywood’s way of course, but direct and factual for the most part.

It is needless to say that Tom Hanks’ acting is amazing in this film, but the film couldn’t have been as successful without the participation of Mark Rylance, an actor I hadn’t seen on the big screen before. Even though his character was not a talkative one, his body language and expressions did most of the job and every single sentence he uttered was worthwhile.

The acting, along with the score and production design, delivered a unique atmosphere and experience. The score went along perfectly with every feeling and mood in the film; it sometimes shifted ever so slightly, but always as needed. The production design was also fundamental for every scene, using lighting and other elements to its advantage.

It was very easy to get immersed into Spielberg’s film which, although slow at times, was always interesting and objective. This may not be a movie for everyone, after all it is not an action movie, or what you would expect from your usual ‘spy’ film. However, the fact that it excels in so many aspects in cinematography, definitively makes it a worthwhile experience.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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