Anomalisa (2015) – 3.5/5

While Anomalisa is without doubt “the most human film of the year”, it is just not for everyone. Starting and ending somewhat weakly, but containing a meaningful story as a whole, Anomalisa will leave you with a sense of incompleteness mixed with awe. 

Even though the story itself is not anything out of this world, it manages to project human emotions in fundamental situations, such as the illusion of love, the development of boredom and depression, and the sadness of a midlife crisis. The fact that this movie is so human, makes it true, but also unappealing. After all, who wants to such a true reflection of themselves on the big screen?

With an impecable screenplay, unique animation, and the brilliant decision of only using three different voices throughout the movie, Directors Charlie Kaufman and David Johnson capture the distressing truth about humanity most people wouldn’t pay to see: solitude and depression. However, as mentioned before, this is not for everyone. This is not a movie meant for the big screens or the mainstream population. It is certainly not a movie you would want to watch twice.

Anomalisa may be quite brilliant, but it fails to project more than just depression, even during the lighter scenes. While depression and solitude are some of the most basic emotions we, as humans, can relate to but try to avoid and hide, they are not subject of appeal. The main idea of Anomalisa is presented beautifully, but the same cannot be said about the movie as a whole.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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