The Big Short (2015) – 4.5/5

Director Adam McKay manages to turn a complicated topic into a brilliant, appealing and witty finance lesson, and successfully disguises a sad, frightening, but true story as a comedy-drama film. With a superb cast, unique editing, and an engaging screenplay, The Big Short will not fail to disappoint audiences.

If there is something easy to spot in a movie, is great acting. Who would have thought a movie about the financial crisis would transmit so much energy? The Big Short stands our mainly because of this. Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling, move and talk extremely fast throughout the movie and still manage to transmit every emotion in an impeccable way (Personally, I can smell an academy award nomination for Steve Carell and Christian Bale).

I usually don’t go over other elements in movies besides acting, editing and directing, but I have to mention that the screenplay by Adam McKay and Charles Randolph is brilliant. Not only is this a tale of true events, but also a learning experience. The witty explanations of complicated terms are hilarious, the fast-paced conversations and thinking provide a lens to what Wall Street is really like, and the management of three simultaneous stories is straightforward and clean.

Director Adam McKay, uses the perfect combination of actors to turn his screenplay into something more than a film. McKay provides us with a visual representation of a corrupt and self-destructing financial system, making us laugh along the way, to the point of forgetting that this is actually a true (horror) story.

Learn more about the film here: Rotten Tomatoes


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