The Good Dinosaur (2015) – 4.5/5

While The Good Dinosaur is far from being among the best Pixar films, it delivers beautiful and thorough animation, amazing realistic environments, and a heart-warming story that will entertain kids and adults alike.

Directed by Peter Sohn The Good Dinosaur follows the story of Arlo, a young dinosaur who is caught by a river current while chasing a critter (the kid). He is dragged away from home and finds himself alone, with the critter he was chasing as his only companion. Their friendship develops as they start their adventure with Arlo’s goal of getting back home.

The story unravels extremely well, with a few too fast-paced scenes here and there. The most damaging of all being, the very end, when Arlo finally gets back home. For such a long journey, you would expect an incredible conclusion for Arlo, especially when our little critter got a very happy and emotional ending. The conclusion for Arlo however, was the exact opposite; it was sudden and fast.

Although the fast pace affects some critical parts of what could have been a very good story, The Good Dinosaur excels in graphics, animation, and art design thanks to its gorgeous, eye-catching combination of realistic surroundings and animated characters.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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