Paradas Continuas (2009) – 3/5

While the characterization and acting are not on par with the rest of the movie, Paradas Continuas achieves an amusing and entertaining screenplay for a sex teenage comedy, making it witty, funny and undoubtedly original. Directed by Gustavo Loza and starring German Valdes III, Luis Arrieta and Cassandra Cianguerotti, Paradas Continuas is the story of two teenagers that decide to go into business by renting their Volkswagen microbus, also known as kombi, as a place to have sex.

Originality is definitely there. Even though there are a few traces of cliches, this is not your typical sex teenage film, and due to this, the film stands out from the rest. The quality of the film, however, stops there. There is so much more that could have been done to make the main protagonists more likable and real; not to mention the possibility of casting a ‘little sister’ that doesn’t sound like an incredibly annoying little robot every time she opens her mouth. The movie seemed to be a rollercoaster of good and bad moments, but overall good and entertaining.

While bad acting and lack of personality in characters might eventually ruin the movie for many, the movie still manages to be enjoyable from beginning to end thanks to its unique plot.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB


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