Spotlight (2015) -5/5

Only greatness can expected from a movie with a brilliant cast, and indeed, from beginning to end, Spotlight was nothing less. However, Spotlight is not just a movie with a great cast, it is a movie with a great story.

Based on a true story, Spotlight is a team of four journalists, played by Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Brian d’Arcy James, who work for the Boston Globe newspaper that specialize in detailed investigations. Throughout the movie their job is to uncover a single story, the involvement of the Catholic Church in a huge sexual abuse scandal.

However, even though the movie starts as an investigation, it becomes much more than that. Director Thomas McCarthy manages to turn Spotlight into a personal matter without forgetting about the importance of the movie. As the Spotlight team unravel more and dig deeper, they change their views and feelings, all while keeping the news story and research going, and that is what draws you in.

With a superb cast, director, and screenplay, Spotlight does more than tell a story. It draws the viewer’s attention to the issue, to the research, to the journalistic process and not to the people around it. There are no specific heroes, the article is what triumphs… because that is what journalism is about.

Learn more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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