Room (2015) – 5/5

Set in a tiny room for half the movie, Room leaves you with more thoughts and feelings than any other movie using the whole world as its setting. Room is a visual representation of the bond between mother and child, which can be heartbreaking at times but always leaves you with a sense of warmth in the end.

Having read the book, I was more than excited to see its adaptation to the big screen. I could not be happier with the way it came out. Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, for me a newly found director, Room is the story of a women (Brie Larson) who has been held captive in a shed for seven years with her five year old son, Jack (Jacob Tremlay), who was born in that shed. Jack knows nothing of the outside world and as a result, his mother tries to shield him from everything he might not ever experience, and creates a world for him within Room.

The first half of the movie focuses on this aspect. It is absolutely incredible how Abrahamson is able to portray so much in such a little space. Because of this, there are numerous elements in the background and setting that give you clues about the type of life this boy and his mother have, immersing the viewer deeply into the relationship.

The second half of the movie focuses on the reality of adjusting to the outside world after escaping and less on their relationship. It is not as strong as the first half of the movie, however, thanks to the brilliant work from Brie Larson and Jacob Tremlay, Room still manages to engage the viewer in an unforgettable manner.

Overall, Brie Larson and Jacob Tremlay manage to draw you into their own little world, from both perspectives, the mother and the five year old. Their reality becomes yours and the small things in life don’t seem as small anymore. With amazing direction, beautiful cinematography and set design, and breath taking acting, Room’s originality succeeds in every aspect.

Find more about the movie here: Rotten Tomatoes


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