The Founder (2016) – 4/5

Want to see a real American film that does not involve guns or soldiers? Well, this is the one. Do not worry, The Founder still includes all the money talk, the gaining of territory and of course, a lot of backstabbing. The Founder is the perfect American family film, and your chance to learn the […]

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La La Land (2016) – 4/5

Director Damien Chazelle, brings us a story that is not a masterpiece nor original in any way. It is in fact, following the same old, but perfect Hollywood formula, almost to point of sucking up to it. But if this movie is so painfully repetitive, how does Damien Chazelle manages to take our senses and […]

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Hidden Figures (2016) – 4.5/5

If there is something this year has taught us is that discrimination is sadly, very much alive. We live in an era where discrimination, an issue we thought was a thing of the past and long forgotten, is an every day reality. It is not about paying more attention to one race or ethnicity, but about […]

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Moana (2016) – 5/5

Disney has come back this year with one of their most inspiring stories, an unusual princess and as always, visually stunning animation. Moana is a different kind of princess story, the kind where it’s not about the princess chasing the prince, but about the princess chasing her dreams and carving her own path. Directing: Ron Clements, […]

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Hate Rising (2016) – 4.5/5

-“You don’t believe that everyone is equal?” -“No, no. White people are so much higher than any other race.” -“Excuse me?” -“White is so much higher than any other race.” -“How can you say that? Based on what?” -“I just said it. That’s how I can say it.” -“Yeah but based on what?” -“Based on […]

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Dr. Strange (2016) – 4.5/5

As someone who does not read comics, Dr. Strange came as quite a nice surprise. Having no idea what his personality, superpowers, or story was, I stepped into the theater. I came out mind-blown, with nothing but admiration and amazement for perfect mixture of special effects, script, and cinematography I had just experienced. I did not […]

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